Evaluating Sonarqube

we were looking at evaluating the Sonarqube for using as a SAST tool, I found a local instance installation instructions(Try Out SonarQube | SonarQube Docs) that does not require any databases and can still be used for evaluating a sample scanning. Is it true or should we use the server installations only.

Hello @krishna_hegde and welcome to the community :wave:

yes for evaluation purpose sonarqube can be used with the embedded h2 database, but please keep in mind that a transfer from this database to a dedicated database for production use is not supported. All features of SQ that you want to try out are database independent.

hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Yes Sir, it does :), thank you very much!

Just one more little query, doesn’t look like the trial version does support scanning ASP.Net/C# code, only C/C++, is that accurate?

If you are using the community edition, you should be able to scan C# projects using the SonarScanner for .NET | SonarQube Docs
there is a list on the sonarqube downloads page that compares the different editions feature wise: Download | SonarQube