SonarQube Enterprise Edition new Implementation

Hey Guys, Can Anyone Help me in reaching out to the sonarqube team for SonarQube Enterprise Edition , I tried two times from my Organizational Credential but didnt get response.(If Someone
Official is there please Do the needful)


Hi vivek,

Welcome to the community!

What are you trying to accomplish?


Hi Ann,

I am new user to the sonarqube, Now i want to install sonarqube community edition to see how it will work for my company and then if everything fine, we will go for enterprise edition.

But we are using Unity engine and c# language and i am not seeing any option for c# alone there in localhost:9000 to start scanning and further steps. there is only dot net option for c#. Even i tired that but i was not able to implement it.

If anyone can help me, it will be life saving.

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Thanks for the details. What’s your compile command?