Embedded database should be used for evaluation purposes only The embedded database will not scale, it will not support upgrading to newer versions of SonarQube, and there is no support for migrating your data out of it into a different database engine



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It’s not clear to me what you’re trying to ask or say. Is the warning not clear to you?


I am sorry but this warning is not clear to me.
I am currently testing SonarQube.
For my first approach, I downloaded the free version (Community)
I am working on building a “Quality Profile” that my company should apply for its quality needs.
And I’ve just seen this message.

Do you mean, I am going to lost all my setup the day I will decide to update my SonarQube version ?
Event if I decide later to use the Developer version for instance ?

A Quality Profile can be exported and imported on another SonarQube instance.

However, the H2 database (where all information related to this test SonarQube instance is stored) is purely for testing purposes. It cannot be upgraded to another version or edition. If you decide to move ahead with SonarQube, you need to properly Install the Server, which includes setting up an external database;.

Ok I understand much better.
thank you very much.