Email Notifications in SonarCloud are not sent

Hi Team,

I have setup the notification for email trigger in sonarcloud for the project which is getting analyzed in my profile, but I am not receiving any emails, when I checked the setup up I can see the information bar as below,

Please help me out with this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @Madhusudhanan, welcome to our Community forum!

Just to clarify, the information message “A notification is never sent to the author of the event”, means that you will never receive emails about changes triggered by your account (through the Web interface of SonarCloud, or the API using a token associated with your account).
For example, you will never receive emails for issues you changed, tasks you triggered, or issues you resolved as false positives.

Are you expecting emails about events triggered by some other user of the project?

Could you also check the emails are not sent to your Spam folder, or blocked by some enterprise email rule?