Email notification each time a built-in quality profile is updated

I would like to confirm how to setup email notifications when built-in Quality profile is updated.

According to SonarQube documentation Quality Profiles:

users with Quality Profile administration privileges are notified by email each time a built-in profile is updated. These updates can be caused by updating SonarQube or updating third-party analyzers.

My SonarCloud user account is configured as Quality Gates and Quality Profiles administrator (Administration>Permission), nonetheless I am not receiving notification of changes in built-in profile, for example latest update in Java Script profile was June 28th.

I would appreciate to confirm how to enable such email notifications in our SonarCloud organization. Thanks in advance.

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHub Actions
  • Languages of the repository: JavaScript, html, Apex

Hey there,

While SonarQube does send these notifications (because changes are a once-in-a-while event,t triggered by a version upgrade), SonarCloud does not send these kind of notifications (the built-in Quality Profiles are continuously adjusted as new versions of SonarCloud are deployed).

Thanks for your reply.

Is there any other communication channel (blog, newsletter, etc) where is posted the update plan of SonarCloud built-in profiles?
We are interested to prevent the impact of new rules in defult profiles.

There is not – however, if you are concerned of the impact of new rules being added to built-in Quality Profiles, I would suggest you copy the built-in Quality Profiles and regularly track the changes of the built-in Quality Profiles (by checking its Changelog) to see which changes you want to implement in your organization.