Constructing Issue link from Sonarqube api response

I am using Sonarqube Version - * Developer Edition * Version 8.9 (build 43852).

And I have been trying to create issue report with list of issues for each project. I need to add issue link so that instead of searching the issue in the project, developers can click the link and get redirected to the issue.

I tried fetching the issue info over api and aggregated them in csv file. But when developers open the link its not loading properly and it gets struck with below error message.

Cannot open selected issue, as it's not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues.

The way I constructed the issue link is - https://sonarqube-instance/issues?open=<issue key>&statuses=<issue status>

Strange thing is some of the issue gets opened properly with above format but not many.

Will appreciate any suggestion.


Welcome to the community!

Have you tried this via the UI? Specifically, have you looked at the permalinks the UI constructs? The best way to master the API is to perform the desired action via the UI and see which calls the UI makes to accomplish the action.


Yeah, I did see the UI links. https://sonarqube-instance/issues?open=

Looks like this issue already came in to discussion. Appreciate your suggestion.

Earlier discussion seems to be more on closed ones. And for open issues, by adding additional parameters we can create the link to the issue.