Cannot load issue from UI.(1000 loaded issues error)

Greetings to all. Through UI->Project->Issues I try to go to a specific vulnerability (1267 for example) using a filtered rule, but I get “Cannot open selected issue, as it’s not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues.” That is, the 1000th vulnerability is loaded, and 1001 already leads to an error. Additionally, when I try to navigate to a specific vulnerability from the “Code” section, I get the same error. If it’s relevant, I’ve added new language and rules. Please tell me what can be done? Any advice is welcome. Docker Community Edition 10.2.


I believe this might be fixed in recent versions. SonarQube 10.4 was just released yesterday. Can you upgrade and see if this is still replicable?


Hi. Yes, I can confirm that it works in 10.4. Thanks.

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