Cannot open selected issue, as it's not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues

I’m using the current (paid) sonarcloud with CICD scanner on a fairly old project with lots of low-priority warnings and info messages. In an attempt to reduce our debt, whenever I have some spare cycles, I go to the project maintainability overview and look for high-debt outliers, select a file and then start looking to clean up that file. The problem I’m having is that all too often, the file will report lots of issues, but clicking on any line with reported messages results in the message “Cannot open selected issue, as it’s not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues.”
I’ve searched the community forum and public forums for this message and see only complaints about using permalinks and the API. This, however, occurs when using the standard SonarCloud web application.
I’ve been turning off rules to try to reduce the analysis size but it sure feels like I’ve lost significant functionality by jumping to the paid cloud service.

Recommendations would be very welcome.

Hello, @mthome-cx Welcome to the sonar community.

I am very sorry to hear that you had to face this issue. This is a known limitation/bug for now in Sonarcloud and I am sorry to say that a fix for this issue might not be immediate. I will try to push this in our daily sync to see if we can pick this one up quickly. This normally happens in projects with 1000+ issues.

With that said, there is a workaround for this to work. When you see the issue again scroll all the way to the bottom and click Show more until the issue is opened in detailed view.

Another trick that might work is adding resolved=false as an extra query param in the URL. But this might not work if the number of unresolved issues is 1000+. But then again you can keep clicking the Show More button to see the issue in detailed mode.


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