Permalink not displayed: "Cannot open selected issue, as it's not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues."

We include permanent links to issues when committing fixes to our code, for traceability. However, it seems that most permalinks cannot be displayed. Instead, when I try to open a link in a browser, the following message is displayed:

“Cannot open selected issue, as it’s not part of the initial 1000 loaded issues.”

We are using SonarQube version 8.6.1. I upgraded from developer edition to 8.6.1 developer edition on 12th February 2021.

The only thing I could find online was this issue, which still seems to be open:

Does anyone else have this problem too? Is this fixed in the latest version?

Hey there.

If you’ve fixed an issue in your code, it will be cleaned up after a while (30 days, by default) and the issue link would no longer work. It’s part of Housekeeping

  • All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted

This can be adjusted at the global/projet-level administration.

OK. Thank you Colin for getting back to me so quickly!

Would it be a good alternative to use a permalink to a rule instead? Do these remain constant between SonarQube updates?

They are more likely to persist – but it can happen on occasion that rules are deprecated/removed or their keys change (less likely now than before) :confused:

I understand the goal of traceability (and a better commit description than “sonar fixes”). Maybe just the Rule Title (rather than a link) will give a good understanding of what changed and why to a developer who looks at the commit?

OK, think this is the solution that we will go with. Thank you for your help.