External links to bug descriptions

Version In Use

  • Community Edition
  • Version 7.7 (build 23042)

As part of my workflow, I would like to link to the bug descriptions at https://rules.sonarsource.com

SonarQube provides internal links to bug descriptions. (links to the same information on the webhost that runs sonarqube)

What I have tried so far
I found a list of the 379 “sonar way” rules for java on my SonarQube webhost

In many cases squid is a number…

In a few cases squid is a phrase…

Finding the same squid as an external link is easy when the squid is a number
SQUID:2637 = https://rules.sonarsource.com/java/RSPEC-2637

The search of that site seems to work better with fewer words, yet i have been able to find all but 1 of the java SonarWay rules by searching for portions of the phrase.
the result indicates that it has a number, the number is just hidden by the phrase…
SQUID:ACallToDeprecatedMethod = https://rules.sonarsource.com/java/RSPEC-1874

There is one I cannot find!
Code Smell - Major - PitFall
Title: “Source files should not have any duplicated blocks”
Description: “An issue is created on a file as soon as there is at least one block of duplicated code on this file”

id: “common-java:DuplicatedBlocks”

NOTE: this might be the only SonarWay Java Rule with an id that doesn’t start with “squid:”

Please Help
if anyone can help me find a link to this rule on rules.sonarsource.com it would be appreciated.

A related suggestion

  • it would be nice if external links to the rule at https://rules.sonarsource.com were available from the web interface.
  • it would also be nice if id formats were consistent (perhaps all numeric)


The ‘common’ rules are provided server-side and not by the analyzers themselves. For technical reasons they’ve never made it on to the rules website, IIRC.

I’m really curious why you want to link to the rules site though when your post demonstrates that you already know the rule listings are available in your SonarQube instance (with exactly the same rule description and metadata).


Thank you for clarifying that ‘common’ rules cannot be found on the rules website.
I suppose that answers my question.

Why do you want to link to the rules site?

I am still early in the process of adopting SonarQube into our workflow.

I consider the rules website to be less susceptible to link rot than the instance of sonarqube i have running locally.
If I add a link to a git commit message, then find out my employer needs to change the local web address or port of sonarqube, or move it to a cloud. There is a good chance the links would be broken.

I consider the rules website to be more publicly accessible than the instance of sonarqube i have running locally.
If I wanted to discuss a rule with this community, or on stackoverflow, I would need to link to something public.

Other users may not share my concerns, and my concerns may be unfounded. That said I still feel like there is a time to use internal links and a time to use external links.

Okay! Thanks for sharing.