Connect existing SonarCloud organization with github organization


a leaved employee of our organization create an organization at

He didn’t connect the organization with github and it’s impossible to take own the organization at

The sonarcloud organization is empty. It’s possible that some of the sonarcloud mods connect delete the existing organization?

Cheers, Jan

We will look into what can be done about this.

In the meantime, would it be an acceptable workaround for you to simply create another organization and abandon the empty one?

If you have look into it, can I move the newly created organization back to the old one?

Or … can you set me as administrator into the old one?

I’m an administrator inside github organization and one of the owner of the xs2a repo.

@janos Do you get some findings about this?

Hi @jkoepke, I’ve set you admin of the SonarCloud organization. You will now be able to take control on it, link it to GitHub and use it at full speed!