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I have a sonar cloud account that was associated with a GitHub (ikmdev) and the admin user that it was associated with had since been deleted from GitHub. I disconnected the SonarCloud from GitHub, thinking that would disconnect it, and created a new one (ikm-dev) in SonarCloud.

The new org cannot access the repositories that the old one had attached and it has a message of “Already Imported!” in the administration screen. I was wondering how to remove the old org or how to allow the new org to take ownership, since I can’t seem to find any way to log into that old org (ikmdev).

Thanks for any help!

To summarize… I was hoping to get the SonarCloud organization “ikmdev” deleted (it’s got no valid admin users) so I can use the repos again. Probably the fastest solution.

Hey moderators - how do I get SonarCloud Admins to look at this? This isn’t in the docs and doesn’t look like it’s possible to correct without a moderator/SonarSource employee.

Hi @jlgrock ,

Sorry for the delay here. I’d like to better understand the situation to see what’s the best course of action here:

I have a sonar cloud account that was associated with a GitHub (ikmdev) and the admin user that it was associated with had since been deleted from GitHub.

Was it you or another collaborator? If it was you, then how do you log in to SonarCloud now? Do you have a new account?
Do you know if there are any people currently using this organization? I’m sure you’ll understand that we can’t remove an organization just because someone asked :grin:

Thank you for clarifying those questions.


Totally understand! And if there are other things I can do instead, please let us how to approach it.

To answer your question, yes, those are both GitHub accounts were administrative GitHub users for the ikmdev organization.

For the history of why this was deleted… My company forced us to delete our accounts associated with company emails. I also have a personal email-based account in github (jlgrock). When the account was deleted, it was no longer working with SonarCloud. I deleted the SonarCloud connection on the repo and created a new one associated with the other GitHub user (jlgrock) and it required me to create the new sonar cloud organization, since the other user wasn’t an admin in SonarCloud.

If it helps, there are several other users in this organization and I can help provide any access to them that we need.

We sorted things out in DMs and internally with Justin, posting here for posterity:

  • 2 different SC organisations can’t bind twice the same GitHub repo, this is expected
  • it turns out that Justin was an admin of the original organization but with another account, that had been deleted on GitHub
  • once we were able to have proof of these facts, we restored admin permissions to Justin with his new account

So dear reader, if this happens to you, please reach out in this community or at explaining the situation, we will help you out.


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Another helpful fact - you can sync your GitHub account permissions as well so this doesn’t happen to you!

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