Compliance SonarQube Community Edition license and use to develop commercial software

(Ed Bravo) #1

Can SonarQube Community Edition be used in the development of commercial software? (Current version)

(Ed Bravo) #2

A question came up that SonarQube CE is capable of storing history, but this requires that you buy an Enterprise online license to use. I have not found anything to this effect, therefore I turn to the community to help understand this and possibly provide links to support positions.

(Adam Gabryś) #3


I don’t understand this post at all :expressionless:

(Ed Bravo) #4

Hi, I will try to elaborate as there are two parts.

I have a contractor stating that SonarQube Community Edition does not have a history retention feature, but that it is in Developer Edition or other edition, thus where licensing comes in.

(Ed Bravo) #5

Additionally, he states that the Community Edition can not be used to develop commercial software.

(Adam Gabryś) #6

This is false.

I don’t know what is this feature. For my knowledge all editions have tools to remove old data.

(Ed Bravo) #7

The history feature refers to keeping history and being able to see it or report on it.

(Ed Bravo) #8

What I have been reading in the documentation for CE, visual history is there which is why I am turning to the community to see if there is something I am missing.

(Ankur) #9

All editions (including community edition) retain historical scans. You can configure how long you want history to be retained.

(Ed Bravo) #10

Thanks for the feedback.