Change organization link


I posted a question in past 2 years about a problem about pull request decorations in our organization (link here).
The answers i got made me understand that our oganization was wrongly created because it is linked to GitHub whereas our repositories and CI are in AzureDevOps.
So SonarCloud try to decorate a PR in GitHub instead of AzureDevOps.

At the time there was no way to change this link in the organization. The only way was to delete and recreate the organization which in our case was not possible.

So, two years later, i would ask if the situation has evolved ?
Is there a way to :

  • change the link of our organization to Azure devops
  • Or use a setting in the SonarCloud azure devops task during to build to provide to sonarcloud agent the right place to decorate our pull requests ?

Thanks for your help

  • ALM used : Azure DevOps
  • CI system used : Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository : c#

No. :frowning: I can suggest voting for these two roadmap items.

It might (I haven’t tested this) be possible to configure a token under the project-level Administration > Pull Requests. When using the Azure DevOps extension, this is actually the only missing piece of information the server has to populate. I’m not sure if something about being in a Github organization will override it, however.

Edit: I guess this is the same advice my colleague gave you two years ago. Did you try it (it might be worth trying again?)

Yes, i have already done this in all our projects.
I have configured a PAT in Administration / PR but the PR are not decorated.