Change Azure DevOps Organization


We changed the organization of our Azure DevOps project (as we were integrated in another company).
On DevOps part, no issue by moving git repo and users… and creating the new connection to Sonar for analysis of Pull Request.
BUT I do not find how to do it on Sonar, it is still connected to the old organization and do not accept my new PAT.

How could I change this connection?


Hello Laurent!

Thanks for your patience while we took a look into this. I’ll send you a private message so you can provide us the organization key.

Hello again Laurent!

Thanks for providing further clarification about this topic. To summarize, your project was moved from one organization to a new one in Azure DevOps and you would like to know if it’s possible to do the same in SonarCloud.

The straight answer is that in order to do that you will have to delete the project in SonarCloud (unfortunately losing the history of the project) and add it again now pointing to the new organization.

I understand this is not ideal that’s why I will provide the feedback to the team to consider this scenario for a feature so they can evaluate it.