Sonarcloud : PR Decoration issue

Hello Team,

CI tool : Github Actions
SCM : Github (private)
Sonarcloud plan : Integrated with Azure DevOps organization. (which uses Organization AD)
We have manually onboarded the project on the Sonarcloud . We are able to run
sonarcloud in the pipelines but the Analysis report and PR decoration does not work. We are using “sonar.pullrequest.github.repository” in the property file too.
Re installing the Github App : Sonarcloud , is asking us to select the repo from the Azure devops organization which is not possible .Kindly suggest how to get the PR decoration.

Hi @atulguptaabinbev , welcome to the community !

You need to setup your SonarCloud organization from an identity provider that correlates “where your code is sourced”, here GitHub.

Since there are many communication between us and DevOps platforms, this is important.


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