Moving devops organization


We recently changed the name of our devops organization which changes the URL of the organization too. Is it possible for us to change the linked devops organization?

We’ve found this post here, that says the organization needs to be rebound, is it possible to do the same fix for us?

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Hello @rubmertens

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Sure, let me send you a private thread so you can provide me with the information required.

It can be possible, as the other thread mentions, to unbind your organization and let you bind it again to the new one.

Hello again @rubmertens

Thank you for providing me with the SonarCloud organization and the user of the platform. We were able to verify your user and continue with the request.

I would like to clarify that, as mentioned in this other post you found, we can unbind the organization so you can bind it again BUT this means that the projects in this organization will need to be re-imported. Additionally,

Can you please confirm this is ok with you so we can then proceed to unbind the organization?

As a side note, and this is addressed in our documentation, you can also create a new SonarCloud organization matching the new devops organization name, and import the projects to this new organization.

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