Can't disable Azure DevOps Pull Request comments decoration

Hi, from Azure DevOps pipelines, I needed to change the SonarCloud tenant from a valid setup. So, new projects was created and all configuration on the pipeline was updated accordingly (C# analysis / dotnet).

But, now the Pull Request are decorated with comments were before there was no decoration (when under the previous SonarCloud tenant).

It seems there is no way to deactivate the Pull Request comments decoration. Am I right ?

My question is, how come the previous sonar tenant analysis did not generate pull request comments decoration ?

Is it something with the token account permission to write on pull request or something ?

Thank you

Note in both new tenant and old tenant projets, the General Settings / Pull Requests settings are empty and enable summary comment is turned off

It’s possible that the organization was misconfigured! A bad token, for example, stuck in the organization/project settings.

It’s not possible to disable PR decoration, unless you supply a bad token at the project-level (under General Settings / Pull Requests)… and that’s really a “hack” more than anything and might break other functionality.

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Thank you Colin. I’ve review settings but did not found what could be the misconfiguration.

As of a proposal, I think could be a good enhancement to be able to avoid PR comments decoration and just rely on the analysis result expose in a pipeline execution tab for example.