Disable Azure pull request decoration

When using SonarCloud integrated with Azure DevOps, how can I disable the Pull Request decoration?

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Is your repository bound to a SonarCloud project ?


Hi @mickaelcaro , thank you!

Yes, we have several projects on SonarCloud on a paid plan, and we are using the MarketPlace extension on Azure DevOps to do the integration.

I created a build pipeline with the required steps, reviewed the branch policy to validate the Pull Request with the build, but if there are “code smells” the extension will decorate the PR, and we don’t want that for the old projects, because there we will have too many comments.
For these cases, we want to use SonarCloud on web to check the results.

So, that’s why I would like an option to disable the PR decoration just for a few projects.


Hi @arancan

I’m afraid this is not currently possible, but we will consider this use case for future evolutions.


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Hi @arancan ,
As @mickaelcaro said, this is not possible so far. If you need to run the SonarCloud analysis without the extension, you can still do so manually by triggering the scanner with the right parameters. But it will be harder to automate this for branches and PR :money_mouth_face:

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Christophe - DevOps Platforms PM

Hi @mickaelcaro and @Christophe_Havard .

I was afraid you were going to reply that… I did an extensive research about the topic before posting here, and the only thing I could find was an “Open ticket” from SonarSource:


Ok, so we decided to not execute the Build validation on the PR using the pipeline integrated with SonarCloud, just for the old projects, before fixing the majority of code smells.

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@arancan yes, unfortunately we have no ETA right now for this. I’ll keep you informed through this thread :wink: