Cannot get autoscan to work

I have the included, I’v had PR’s and normal commits to master branch.
Anything I’ve forgotten to do?

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same here.
doing this on a private JS/react repo.

On the documentation:

Where it reads:
" Once the setup is done on SonarCloud, you end up on the project home page which shows a tutorial. Follow the “AutoScan” tutorial…"

There is nothing on the project home page.

Hi @vetras,

We currently have a bug for private repo, the Autoscan tutorial doesn’t show.

You can still put your in your repository and make sure that the file is present in all of your branches. SonarCloud will launch a new analysis at each new push.

@joostvdg, I see that analysis performed for your project, did you do something special to make it work, or did you just wait for the analysis results to show?

Note that we are currently working on improving the UI to let users know when SonarCloud performs autoscan analysis and that will be available soon, stay tuned!


Hi @aurelie,

To make it work, I’ve used the new GitHub Actions 2.0 SonarCloud action, thank you for creating that!
For those not aware:

For further info, when I look at my security tokens, I see a lot of:

Analyze “cmg” 1 Never August 18, 2019
Analyze “cmg” 10 Never August 20, 2019

Which are likely the result of the analysis triggered by a push to my master branch.
So I suspect the analysis is triggered, but something goes wrong and there’s no info for me to see what.

If I have the GitHub Actions solution working, would it be best to remove the
Or should I leave it to help resolve the issue for others?

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A common known reason for AutoScan to fail repeatedly is configuration errors in the file. A good way to troubleshoot is to first make it empty (commit and push), and then add back your intended configuration one by one, to see which one causes the failure. You can do this test on a pull request, and thereby avoid polluting the master with garbage commits.