Autoscan failing to run

I have two projects that I have setup the same as others in my organization that are not completing autoscans. Is there anyway to have you check and see why they are failing to run? Other repos setup in the same manner (golang, github service, properties file created in master branch) are working.

Thank you in advance

Are those two projects public? If yes, then please share links to them. If not, no problem, we will contact you privately to get more details so we can take a closer look.

What do you mean by “not completing”?

  • No successful analysis at all?
  • Does the file exist in the analyzed branch / pull request?
    • Is the configuration in the file correct?
  • What are you trying to analyze? Branches, pull requests?
  • How did you create those projects?
  • On the Background Tasks page of the project, do you see the list of analyses that ran?

Hi Janos,

The projects are private and there are no successful analysis being run. The file is present in the master branch & subsequent PRs and has the same content as other projects that are successfully running autoscan. The background tasks page of the projects shows 0 pending or tasks run and on the checks tab of the most recent PR it shows sonarcloud " Queued 5 days ago ". The projects were created the same way as the working ones using this documentation : .

Thank you in advance

David Arnold

The correct content of the depends on the project. For example, if the sonar.sources or sonar.tests use paths that don’t exist in the project, the scanner will fail. A good sanity check could be to make the file empty. That’s a valid setup, and the analysis should succeed. If it does, then the solution will be fixing its content. If it doesn’t, then we’ll know the problem is somewhere else. Can you try that?

My apologies after second examination the file was named incorrectly… It is working now.