SonarCloud github app not scanning any files


I have a repo I’d like to run the Autoscan feature on. It is in JavaScript. When I set this up with Github Actions, it was scanning everything great. But I don’t want to use Github actions because I want the breakdown of the scan ON the PR. So I removed the Action and I went through the automatic setup for the Automatic Analysis Beta Feature. SonarCloud now shows up in my list of Github checks. However, it’s not actually scanning anything when I look at the report. So I must not be adding the right configuration. What I’ve done is create 2 files in the default branch and my own feature branch, at the base of the repo, to try and direct it to the files to scan:



I created both of these because I wasn’t clear on which one is actually used. I also tried deploying with the being empty and had the same result. No results in the scan. All tabs empty when viewing on SonarCloud.


  1. What is the actual setup I need here? I can’t share the repo because it’s private.
  2. I have some config files deeper in the repo, in earlier attempts to get this working. Would that affect anything?
  3. Are the config(s) files used on each GitHub check from the default branch? Or can they be in my feature branch?

This can be closed. I found out that the Automatic Analysis is actually running, but it’s only running on my default branch instead of my feature branch, even though both branches appear to have the same sonarcloud configurations. I’ll make a separate post for that.