Can I use Community Edition to substitute for testing upgrade on Developer Edition


We currently have a productive Sonarqube instance running Developer Edition. For our upgrade process, we would like to have a clone instance to do some test like scan, analyze, create, delete, etc… before going for productive instance. Our organization don’t prefer to requesting new license everytime there is an update and would like to automate the upgrade process in the future so we would like to use Community Edition for the clone.

We would like to understand if this is a good practise.


Good morning, Nguyen. Welcome to the community > and thank you for your question, in fact this is a good practice., Our Enterprise Edition customers, have up to 2 test servers with their licenses, Developer Edition just gets one. We always ask our EE customers to copy off the Prod DB, set up a test system, do the upgrade and test, test, test. once any issues are resolved, then they are ready to perform upgrade on prod (with a good back up before hand stored away). In your case, using Community is fine, you will be absent features but I feel this is a small trade off to accomplish a clean prepared upgrade.

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