Can I use Community Edition instead of Developer Edition for testing an upgrade


We currently have a productive Sonarqube instance running Developer Edition. For our upgrade process, we would like to have a clone instance to do some test like scan, analyze, create, delete, etc… before going for productive instance.

As you know the Developer Edition need a license in order to run the analysis but requesting a license will involve and take time to have the license. Our organization don’t like to request the license everytime there is an upgrade and also they want to automate the upgrade process in the future.

So we would like to understand if Community binaries and Developer binaries is mostly the same and the only difference is Developer binaries have some extra binaries on it? And if it’s a good practice to use the Community Edition as substitute for testing Developer Edition?


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Using Community Edition as a stand-in isn’t a bad idea. But you have to realize that you won’t be able to test any of the commercial functionality. So you can’t test pull request analysis and decoration. You’ll lose branches and the taint analysis rules. And you won’t be able to analyze any of the commercial languages in your projects, such as C++.

I should probably also point out that Enterprise Edition($$) comes with 2 test/staging licenses. If your instance is large enough, the price jump won’t be huge and the differential may be worth it for the automation it would allow…


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