Bitbucket and SonarCloud integration: annoying popup every time user clicks or reloads page


We are using SonarClound app for Bitbucket (cloud) and this popup started bugging users every time they click on anything in Bitbucket or reload a page.
I tried to get rid of it but without success. Can anyone help me with it?

Many thanks


Hello @Lubo_Drobny,

Thanks for posting.

Bitbucket recently updated the way users grant permissions for connect application. You can find more information here.

A few questions I’d like you to answer so I understand the context of your repository:

  • It is public or private?
  • Can you confirm that your repository is bound to a SonarCloud project?
  • Are you using the SonarCloud integration in this repository or any other repository in your workspace?
  • You can find information about authorized/revoked in this page. If you have you revoked permission, could you explain why?


Hi Siegfried,

we have a lot of private repos but only 2 repos are configured with SonarCloud.
This pupup message is displayed in repos where SonarCloud is not configured.

Authorization page info:

Hello @Lubo_Drobny,
Thanks for the details.
The behavior on repositories that are not bound to SonarCloud was raised in another thread, a fix was deployed for that at the beginning of the week and I am surprised that you still see these notifications.
I’ll ask you more details privately so we can investigate more.


your fix have helped.
It ok now.

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Great, thanks!
Have a nice day!

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