Getting pop-up in Bitbucket

I have given access to bitbucket workspace in the “sonar cloud”.
And our users of bitbucket is getting this “Access request” pop up

Which I then tried on one of my personal bitbucket accounts using 2 user accounts and multiple dummy repos, where I did not see the pop up.

Please let me know. Why the pop up appears in our corporate account a and why it is not in my personal one??

I want to use sonar cloud in the corporate bitbucket account, but since we are getting this pop up, the other users from different teams got panicked, which blocked us using the sonar cloud as of now.

Hello @harshan ,

Welcome to the community!

As of today, all viewers of the PR widget need to accept those permissions. This is something we are going to take a look at soon. I’ll update this thread once there are any news to share.

I imagine that this does not pop up on your personal account because you already provided access by installing the SonarCloud application or during authentication.

Hi Martin,

Has this been addressed now? I do not see the pop up at the PR view level now, instead I see it in repository settings level under sonar settings. Just want to get this confirmed and shared the good news with the team. Thanks

Hello @harshan ,

Yes that’s correct, this has been fixed. Feel free to share the good news :slightly_smiling_face:

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