Repositories in bitbucket not linked properly in sonarcloud

There is an issue linking all the repositories from a bitbucket workspace to the sonarcloud organization.
There are 4 repositories in bitbucket but only 2 of them get linked in sonarcloud.
In the settings section -> analyse new project, the 4 repositories appear but when clicking on 2 of them a message appears “You are not authorized to access this page. Please log in with more privileges and try again.” The same happens when clicking from the sonarcloud widget in bitbucket. Same message. When going to the organization page, only 2 repositories are visible.
This happens with when logged in with all accounts including the account owner.
We tried different things like making sure permissions are granted, ad also removing the organization and creating a new one. Same result.
Maybe someone from sonarcloud could help in identifying and fixing the problem. We are paying customers
Thank you,