Bitbucket Cloud authorization does not work

I am new user of SonarCloud. From SonarCloud side I was able to successfully integrate it with Bitbucket Cloud, it has found my project and everything seems working fine. But from Bitbucket side I have an integration problem. When I go in Bitbucket to “Repository->Settings->Sonarcloud” I see the text “You must be logged in SonarCloud to link to a project you administer”. When I click on the “Log in with Bitbucket” button, screen flickers, but nothing changes. In the js console of my browser I see that request to “” fails with 401 error code.

Hi Nikita,

Do you still have this issue?
Can you tell us which browser do you use with its version please?


Sorry for late reply. Yes, I still have this issue. Browser is Safari 12.1.2 on macOS Mojave.

Hi @iNikem,

I’m not sure what would be the issue here.
Could you please detail the following :

  • What permissions do you have for the BitbucketCloud team and repository

  • Is your SonarCloud organization linked to the BitbucketCloud team that hosts the repository?

  • Are you an admin of the SonarCloud organization? and if not what permissions do you have ?
    You should see something like this :


  1. Yes, I am the administrator of this Bitbucket repository and the whole team
  2. Yes, SonarCloud organisation is linked to Bitbucket team
  3. Yes, I am the admin of SonarCloud organisation

I would be happy to have a screen sharing session, if possible, to demonstrate to you this problem :slight_smile:

Well, I have at last tried this very thing in Chrome. There Bitbucket’s “Repository->Settings->Sonarcloud” part works. I can select Sonarcloud project. But “Show repository overview widget” does not work. When I check this box and then go to my Bitbucket repository overview, then Sonarcloud widget is not displayed. From the page source I can see, that Sonarcloud’s iframe is there and seems to be correct, but nothing is displayed.

Ahha, yet another plot twist :slight_smile: Repository overview widget does not work in Chrome, but does work in Safari :slight_smile:

So, settings work only in Chrome and widget works only in Safari. Sorry to say that, but you really need to test this part better :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback @iNikem, we will have a look at this issue.


Regarding this:

Is it possible that you have an ad-block extension on Chrome and but not on Safari ? There is a known issue that the widget doesn’t display in Bitbucket when an ad-block is used.

I haven’t ever consciously installed any ad-blocks.

Ok so no ad-block on Chrome and Safari. And do you have any js or network errors in your browser’s console ?

I have rechecked both browsers on two computers. Repository overview widget now works everywhere for me. Something changed for the better :slight_smile: