Unable to link Bitbucket repository to Sonarcloud


We are trying to use an existing Sonarcloud license in a new Bitbucket repository. When following the steps in Bitbucket for the Sonarcloud settings it goes wrong after selecting the team. It says it cannot find the organisation?

Do you have an idea what’s wrong here? Obviously, we have administrator rights and tried reinstalling Sonarcloud.

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Hi @rjonker, and welcome to the community forum!

Could clarify what steps you took to get to the error message. Specifically you mention steps in Bitbucket; did you not drive the project onboarding from the SonarCloud UI?

Hi @AlxO,

Thank you for your reply. These are the steps we followed:

  1. Installed SonarCloud plugin, go to repository settings for Sonarcloud:

  2. Clicked “create project”:
    (I am only allowed to upload 1 image)

  3. Grant access for account / team:
    (I am only allowed to upload 1 image)

  4. After that, the error mentioned in the opening post is displayed

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Image 2:

Image 3:

Hi @rjonker,

I’m not sure what’s happening here, we will investigate.

In the meantime, could you try those steps:

  • Is your existing organization already bound to BitBucketCloud ?
    You can see the BitBucketCloud icon in blue here:

  • If it is, you can import a project by selecting this organization in + > Analyse new project
    And choose your organization here:

  • If your organization is not bound already, you can bind it from the organization in SC in Administration > Organization settings > Bind this organization to Bitbucket, and follow the steps to create your project from SonarCloud.

Please let us know if you have still troubles.