Unable to start

I have created a paid account on SonarCloud using my Bitbucket account, but when I go to the Analyze projects - Select repositories screen at https://sonarcloud.io/projects/create, I get the message No repositories found for this organization. Not sure what to do next. The manual configuration says it is not recommended.

I am logged into SonarCloud as a BitBucket user from the same repos that I want to import.

Here is a screenshot of what I see:


I see this under Administration:


When I choose “See on Bitbucket” it takes me to my own repo on Bitbucket, which is empty. When I choose the active workspace, I see my repos. I am admin on several of the repos.

When I go to one of the repos, I see this:

When I click on Create a Project, I am back at the first screen with no repositories shown.


If I understand correctly, you said that your profile does not contain any repo on BBC, but you have a workspace with repositories.

If this is correct, you should create an organization on SonarCloud bind to your workspace, not your personal account.
If not, can you clarify how you :


Thanks Benoit. I was able to resolve my issue by deleting the organization and creating another one under the Bitbucket user that hosts the workspace for the target repos.

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