Unnecessary pop-up in Bitbucket

Versions used:
Sonarcloud Plug-in for Bitbucket Cloud

Error observed/Steps to reproduce:
The behavior is that when we click on a Pull Request in a repository that is not being analyzed by Sonarcloud; a pop-up appears on the bottom left of the screen stating, “Access to the SonarCloud app has been re…Please visit your Settings → App authorizations to revoke denial.”
Upon visiting App authorization you do see “You have denied access to the following applications” and Sonarcloud is listed as a denied application. Indeed that is the desired configuration, which is denying access to SonarCloud. However, every time you visit the Pull Request you still see the pop-up.
Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

Potential workaround:
Can’t seem to find a workaround other than adding the repository to a project in Sonarcloud but there are only a few repos we want to expose to Sonarcloud.

Desired result:
What we would like to see is the message go away and never bother again unless asked to.