Unnecessary pop-up in Bitbucket

Versions used:
Sonarcloud Plug-in for Bitbucket Cloud

Error observed/Steps to reproduce:
The behavior is that when we click on a Pull Request in a repository that is not being analyzed by Sonarcloud; a pop-up appears on the bottom left of the screen stating, “Access to the SonarCloud app has been re…Please visit your Settings → App authorizations to revoke denial.”
Upon visiting App authorization you do see “You have denied access to the following applications” and Sonarcloud is listed as a denied application. Indeed that is the desired configuration, which is denying access to SonarCloud. However, every time you visit the Pull Request you still see the pop-up.
Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

Potential workaround:
Can’t seem to find a workaround other than adding the repository to a project in Sonarcloud but there are only a few repos we want to expose to Sonarcloud.

Desired result:
What we would like to see is the message go away and never bother again unless asked to.

Hello Adam,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the late answer.
We have planned to fix this behavior in the near future, we won’t show the popup anymore for users that have denied the access.
In a second step we will also investigate if we can drop the permission request altogether.

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