Behavior When Project is Shared by Multiple Solutions?

Hi all,

Current Setup:
Sonarlint for Visual Studio 2019 Extension V.4.27
Soanrqube version 7.9 (LTS Version)

I’m in the process of trying to get binding going between Sonarlint and Sonarqube on my VS2019 instance. Currently, I have two projects in Sonarqube which should be mapped to two different solutions. However, some Visual Studio projects are shared between the solutions so that if one is changed in one solution it will be updated in the other.

I’m curious if anyone knows if that would cause binding issues? Both solutions share the same ruleset though I do have some exclusions set up differently between the two projects in Sonarqube.

Any feedback is appreciated & Happy Friday!,

Alright I had to do some experimenting to figure this out, but long and short is that it does not behave well (sort of expected). Whenever I update I have to unload all the projects that are supposed to be under the different binding so that there aren’t SonarLint.xml conflicts. It works, it’s just a pain, but it’s a weird use case anyway.

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