Sonarlint with Visual 2015 or 2019 not showing all project

In our organisation, we use SonarQube with more of 11000 projects.
When I connect SonarLint to the SonarQube (with token or login/password) I can see only arround some undred of project. Unable to see all projects, and so unable to retrieve my project. If I connect to existing project and try to modify the Sonar JsonConfig , SonarLint est reply:
“Bound project with key ‘’ was not found on the connected server. Select a different SonarQube project, or use a different login that has access to the desired project.”

I see this error is report many time since 2019, no solution are provide. no answer.
Can we consider that this issue will never been take in account ?

Hi @apaul_sg, welcome to the community.

This issue indeed has been reported in the past but with insufficient details so we were unfortunately unable to reproduce it on our side.

May I please ask you to follow the steps in this github comment and post here the results? This would help us to pinpoint the problem and provide a fix.

@apaul_sg I’m pinging you in case you missed the message. Did you take a look at the github comment?