The cpp project can't bind to SonarQube instance from Sonarlint for VS2015

I am trying to set up the Sonarlint plugin in VS2015 to connect to a remote SonarQube instance.
At first I scanned the cpp project via command line, then I wanted to bind it to SonarQube (this cpp project had been imported to VS2015). When clicking “Bind” option in VS2015, the output log showed "
Establishing new binding…
Binding solution to SonarQube project: Started
Binding solution to SonarQube project: Discovering solution projects
Included projects:
* None (for selected SonarQube project’s quality profile)
You can change the exclusion options via the SonarLint project-lever context menu i.e. Solution Explorer -> Select project(s) "
VS Tool : VS2015
SonarQube : 8.2 Enterprise edition
How to bind the SonarQube instance and fix the issue?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @regenksy. Welcome to the community!

A couple of questions:

  • which version of SonarLint are you using? As long as it’s v4.15 or later you should be ok.
  • is the project a vcxproj? What was it imported to VS2015 from?