Add members of Github organization

I am a member of this organization Primefaces is a github open source project with several members (me included). When build failed, new code smells, bugs etc. are introduced I would like the author of the commit to receive a mail.

I’m the only member, I don’t how to add member of a github organization, so from that point, it’s hard to see how I can achieve my goal

Hi Sébastien,

First, your team mate must sign in on SonarCloud with their github account.

Then you can add them as member of your organization here:

And finally they will be able to manage the notifications they want to receive here:

This process is currently a bit tedious, and we plan to improve the onboarding of teams in the near future (listed in the following Epic we are working on: MMF-1340)

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Hi Xavier,

My organization is also considering using SonarCloud with a paid plan. However, we found it a huge pain point that members can only be added by “admins” manually on the Members page and cannot automatically sync with GitHub organization.

We have concern about when these features will be released. Can your team kindly provide any roadmap on the issues? Or, can we try out this feature later even it’s in the beta stage?

Thanks in advance.


It’s currently under development, you can see the status here: MMF-1540