Add members of Github organization

(Sébastien Lepage) #1

I am a member of this organization Primefaces is a github open source project with several members (me included). When build failed, new code smells, bugs etc. are introduced I would like the author of the commit to receive a mail.

I’m the only member, I don’t how to add member of a github organization, so from that point, it’s hard to see how I can achieve my goal

(Xavier Bourguignon) #2

Hi Sébastien,

First, your team mate must sign in on SonarCloud with their github account.

Then you can add them as member of your organization here:

And finally they will be able to manage the notifications they want to receive here:

This process is currently a bit tedious, and we plan to improve the onboarding of teams in the near future (listed in the following Epic we are working on: MMF-1340)