Add Delphi language support

I am requesting Delphi (Object Pascal) support as it’s still a widely used language. At minimum, a generic Pascal language support is requested so it could be used for Delphi and FreePascal (FPC)

A somewhat workable plugin is available for use as a base: GitHub - fabriciocolombo/sonar-delphi: SonarQube Delphi Plugin

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Great proposal! I would love to have Delphi available in Sonar


We have a lot of customers that wants to use this!

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Hi @dariandms, @Juan_Antonio_Ruzafa, @Fernando_Rizzato,

Thank you for your feedback. There is currently no plan to add a Delphi or Pascal analyzer. We will take your input into account when we will choose the next language to add.

Could you tell us the amount of code you need to analyze?


Thanks @Nicolas_Harraudeau! It would be around 3-4 millions lines of code

We have about 2-2.5mln lines.

Delphi please analytics.

+1 from me, we have several large Delphi projects we would like to analyze.

Add our company to your list of desired Delphi scan capability. Approximately 200,000 lines of code.
With such a huge international presence I would have expected Delphi to be on your list and it is an easy to read language.

+1 We have more then 15 projects with millions of lines of code.

With plugin my trailversion sonar not started. Anybody have this problem and how you solved it?

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Hi @awod,

Please create a separate topic when you ask a question. This topic is for people requesting an official support of Delphi in SonarQube/SonarCloud.

The plugin you mention is not developed by SonarSource so it is better to ask directly its author. As it has not been maintained for 4 years there is little chance that the problem will be fixed.

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Delphi’s own QA tool so annoying bad, you would not believe…
You know about EMCD’s Demos? Surely, on an simple school or demo project may (may not) work,
but is not working on real life code. It’s to stupid, showing everything except real errors.

SonarQube Support for delphi would be really really helpful.

(only “working” tool I know is TMS FixInsight, but I’m sure SonarQube would be better)

I opened that on EMBCD QualityCentral as RSP-26128

5 millions lines of code.

@all who have same problem that QA Tool by EMBCD is not working (means anyone who tries):
I’ve tried a few tools, only working QA Tool I’ve found for Delphi is FixInsight by TMS
It’s not searching for a low of problems but help’s finding most common problems, code styling and performance bugs.

Peter - note that Pascal Analyzer is the most commonly used source code analysis tool for Delphi and it’s been enhanced for years. It has a large amount of tests but lacks in the feature set that SonarSource offers for tracking quality over time.

Hey Darian,
I may give it another try :smiley:

I’ve opened a few more Bugreports on EMBCD’s bad QA Tool,
maybe one day in future it will start working to.
So we can choos beween EMBCD, PascalAnalyser and TMS.

Just “a few” bugs i’ve found:

RSP-26183 QA Tool reports wrong LBNE error
RSP-26126 QA Tool does not recognize Assignfile() in constructor as an valid initialization
RSP-26125 QA Tools reports MSOL on multiple declaration
RSP-26124 QA Audits reports wrong AIOR error on string operation
RSP-26123 QA reports wron EVAZ on byte operation
RSP-26111 QA gives wrong warnings on case of bytetype
RSP-26106 QA Tool ramdomly shows SU (unreachable code)
RSP-26105 QA Audits reports exception handling code as SU (unreachable)
RSP-26104 QA Tool internal crash (didn’t give any result) afer adding example code

=> unusable

It’s almost 2020, any update on whether Delphi code analysis is being supported by SonarQube? I didn’t see it on the list of supported languages.
We have several million lines of Delphi code to analyze.

Thank you all for contributing. We well noticed that this thread has been voted more than 90 times as of now making it one of the top voted requested features.

On behalf of SonarSource, I can tell you there is no plan to add Delphi in the list of languages supported by SonarSource in 2020. There is actually no plan to add any new language in this list.
Instead, the plan is to go deeper for the languages we currently support.

In order to think about the future, can you share here which code quality standard do you follow on Delphi if any one exists?