Add Delphi language support

We, Delphi Mystics, would be happy to help you with this. You are likely unfamiliar with Delphi Mystics as it’s pretty new as of writing this. We are producing shows related to Delphi development. Our main show co-hosts are myself (veteran Delphi developer), Dave Nottage (a Delphi MVP), and Jim McKeeth (Chief Developer Advocate at Embarcadero).

In addition to our experiences we have access to a large number of developers and book authors including Marco Cantu who wrote the Mastering Delphi series books. Delphi has experienced a pretty significant resurgence in the last 10 years due to the native cross-platform support, bare metal capabilities, and easy API access. There are literally millions of developers using it for both the maintenance of legacy code and developing scalable new code. I personally use it for medical, education, manufacturing, emergency services, and industrial applications. My clients range from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

I’ll see if I can send you an email with my contact info. Maybe we can help.


Zach Briggs, Co-Host
Delphi Mystics

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We have just published an updated version our SonarQube Delphi plugin which supports Sonar 7.9 LTS and also the latest version, see If you combine this with the DelphiCodeCoverage tool (see and DUnitX (including the additional file in our SonarQube repository) you have a fully functioning SonarQube plugin for Delphi.


Any chance of reviewing this request again? It’s a top vote getter, currently with 93 votes where the second place seems to be 80 votes and third place is 49 votes.


As of today, confirmed this feature is still not on the list todo. Still #1 on the new feature list with 95 votes. #2 has 90, #3 has 54 votes, #4 has 40 votes. #2 is Rider support for Sonar Lint #3 is for Rust language support, #4 is for Dart language support.

Based on the work of @mendrix JAM Software created a fork of the SonarDelphi plugin. We fixed various grammar issues and a few others and were able to successfully analyze a project with >350k lines yesterday.

Any support would be highly appreciated as there is still a lot of work to do: We need more rules and some existing rules produce false positives. I started collecting those in the issue tracker.


We would also love to have Delphi available in Sonar natively. Currently we are testing JAM Software approach.

For people finding this Delphi thread, please now capture your interest in new features on the Sonar productboard portal here for SonarCloud and here for SonarQube.