[NEW PLUGIN] SonarDelphi - Requesting inclusion in SonarQube Marketplace


I would like to request the addition of the SonarDelphi plugin to the SonarQube Marketplace.



SonarDelphi adds support for the Delphi programming language.

Features include:

  • 120+ analysis rules
  • Custom rules via templates or a programmatic Java API
  • Import NUnit test reports (compatible with DUnitX)
  • Import test coverage reports (compatible with DelphiCodeCoverage)


This part was a little awkward to figure out, since you guys wouldn’t have access to the Delphi standard library.

What I’ve done:

  • Stubbed out a bare-minimum standard library
  • Written a small sample project that triggers a lot of sonar issues and relies only upon the stubbed standard library
  • Zipped them both up with a sonar-project.properties at the root configuring things properly

Testing steps:

Nice and simple:

Pull Request


Hi Jonah,

Congrats on releasing your plugin!

As you’re aware, we (I) need to test, but I’m not sure yet when I’ll get to it. If you don’t hear from me soon, that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring or overlooking you.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for your message.
Looking forward to your feedback!



You meet the bureaucratic requirements, and my testing looks good.

A few things (notes for later) I noticed in my testing:

  • Thanks for the laugh! :grin:

  • The Project Overview in Measures doesn’t populate. I’m not sure why, so I’m not going to let that hold anything up

  • Impressive set of rules. There are too many for me to comment on individually. The ones I’ve looked at have nice descriptions and are nicely tagged. They’d be even better with code samples. :wink:

I’ll process your pull request. Congrats on a super-smooth entry to the Marketplace.


Hi Ann,

Thanks so much for your speedy review and feedback. :slight_smile:


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