Issue with running a scan

I was trying to scan my code with SonarQube using Delphi plugin, and I had a couple of issues:

  1. The main issue is that the tool couldn’t scan part of the code because of a duplicate module (the full error attached to this topic within a file),
    duplicate module.txt (6.4 KB)
    Can you help me to understand why this issue was happening?
  2. When I tried to separate my code into smaller chunks, I did receive results, but they only contain bugs and code smells (0 vulnerabilities and hotspots), so I guess that something went wrong and I’m not sure what.

Please assist.


Hey there.

It looks like your issue is coming from this community-supported plugin: GitHub - JAM-Software/SonarDelphi: This repository contains the source code to the Sonar-Delphi plugin. Can be used to analyse Delphi projects with SonarQube.

I suggest you raise an issue with the maintainer.