A notification is never sent to the author of the event ?!


already asked this question to Enterprise support, but got no satisfactory answer.
What’s the meaning of this info message at the ../account/notifications page ?


Hi Gilbert,

Out of curiosity, what was Support’s response and why did you not find it satisfactory?

Events that have individual authors are those that happen through the UI, so (currently) only Issue changes.

Specifically if I’m the one that marks an issue FP/WF, I already know that happened so I certainly don’t need an email telling me that.

Similarly, if I change the status, type, or severity of an issue assigned to me, I don’t want and email for that either. It is, however, relevant if you bump the severity of my issue from Major to Blocker. For that I certainly want an email.

Make sense?


Hi Ann,

no reason for concern, asked this 3 times as “hitchhike question” during a support case related to the mail notification feature. The main support case has been solved by Sonarsource support team - as usual, but this question has not been answered.
Remembered my question when reading

and after your answer it’s all clear now, no more questions :slight_smile:


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