ZPA PLSQL plugin - is unable to pickup Quality Profile automatically when scanning .pb files

Hi, I am using SonarQube command line to scan the project which consists of .pb files. For which I have added ZPA -PLSQL open source plugin.
When I ran the scan, project is created in Sonar dashboard but the results are empty and the reason it is unable to pickup the quality profile for the type of files.
Initially I thought the reason was, since ZPA plugin is not native in Community Edition of SQ.
But surprisingly when I rans the scan on a project which is consisting of .sql files which are defined by default with this plugin, SonarQube was able to pickup Quality Profile for .sql files.

Please let me know if there is a workaround without using Sonar GUI.


This is going to depend entirely on whether the maintainers of your plugin exposed for configuration the list of file extensions that are recognized as PL/SQL files. You should pursue this with them.