PL/SQL Scanning

1.We are doing evaluation of SonarQube Developer Edition for Oracle apps PL/SQL customization. We have below questions,

  • Can we perform scanning for Oracle apps PL/SQL customized components and workflow customization?.

  • Can we do scanning for SQL code written in XML publisher report?

Can you refer any documents for PL/SQL evaluation?.

I don’t know anything about “Oracle apps PL/SQL customized components and workflow customization” and “XML publisher report”.

SonarQube can analyze PL/SQL files but it doesn’t extract PL/SQL code from XML or any other file which is not a PL/SQL file. You can customize the file extensions which will be scanned by the PL/SQL analyzer (by default: sql, pks, pkb) but parsing errors are raised for anything which is not valid SQL or PL/SQL.

Thanks for the response.

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