YAML/Ansible support for SonarLint IntelliJ

I’m using the SonarLint IntelliJ plugin with rules from a local SonarQube server.
The server has a profile for yaml files, including additional ansible rules.
Analysis with sonar-scanner works, but the IntelliJ plugin does not support yaml.
Is it possible to add yaml support for the IntelliJ plugin?

Hi @wkoot

No this is not possible. For more details I encourage you to read the SonarLint FAQ first:

I don’t understand what I would find in the FAQ, I’m asking if support can be added to the plugin because it isn’t yet.
There’s also a request for TypeScript at https://jira.sonarsource.com/projects/SLI/issues/SLI-263, but it appears to be the only such request

Sorry for the late answer. We don’t have a YAML analyzer at SonarSource (and no plan to develop one at mid term AFAIK) and for now SonarLint is limited to run SonarSource analyzers only.

Is it possible to use one of the existing yaml linting packages to easily integrate?

Not sure of what you mean. We don’t intend to make SonarLint a generic solution to run all linters into IDEs. BTW third party linters probably already have their own IntelliJ integration.

I’m using the YAML and Ansible plugins provided by @sbaudoin - which both work well on SonarQube, but sadly the IntelliJ plugin(s) for ansible/yaml don’t do linting.
Would a PR be considered if someone puts the work in?

I’m sorry to answer no. The difficulty is really not to enable third party SQ plugins to run in SonarLint. The problem is to validate they behave as expected, that rules are not breaking user experience, to support users on community channels… as well as the concern it may prevent us to do future architectural changes.