Will issues marked as "won't fix", etc be remembered when a project is migrated to a new SQ server?

Due to a corporate re-org, it looks like some of our projects will unfortunately have to be moved from one SQ server to another. But if a project is moved to a new SQ server, will all the issues that had previously been resolved as “false positive” or “won’t fix”, etc in the web UI reappear as Open issues on the new server? It would be horrible to have to enter all that info again!

Sadly, the number of restrictions documented on moving projects seems to be so high we probably won’t be able to migrate the projects using export/import anyway:(.

“Moving” projects without using the Project Move functionality (beginning to analyze projects on another SonarQube server as brand new projects) will mean that issues already marked as “False Positive” or “Won’t Fix” won’t have those resolutions on the new SonarQube server.

Out of curiosity, what limitation of the Project Move feature is preventing you from using it?

It should be noted that if, for example, you are building a brand new SonarQube server for these projects, it would probably be better to make a copy of the existing database, and then weed out what you don’t need.

Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps there should be an option for exporting and importing the issues marked as resolved in the UI separately from the rest of the project unless/until the overall project migration process can be made less restrictive. There’s a lot of info captured in those comments that is going to be a pain to recreate when the projects are moved.

For my case the target instance isn’t Enterprise or above, it’s an older version, probably different plugins too; so it will be non-trivial to persuade the team who owns the new server to align it with the one in the other org.

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