Import false positives/won't fix to sonarcloud

  • We are currently running sonarcube community edition Version 7.6
  • We evaluate moving to sonarcloud (currently in 14 days trial)
  • We have few thouthand issues already marked as False Positive / Won’t Fix
  • We checked Project Move (, but it would require to start of enterprise and beeing the same version…)

Is there a way to import those?

Doing so manually would be a lot of work and likely we would rather stay with community edition…

Hi @Holger,

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Unfortunately it is not possible to export issues from SQ and to import them into SC, even if you would be on an Enterprise Edition on SQ.

If you want to migrate to SonarCloud, you could try either to modify your Quality Profile depending on your needs, or change your issues state with a script calling the web API.

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We also have the same issue, enterprise user trying to upgrade to LTS, we have thousands of false positives.

Hi @wojciech,

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If I understand correctly, you want to upgrade to an LTS version which is related to SonarQube product and not SonarCloud.

In this case, can you create an appropriate thread under