Issues marked as "won't fix" reappearing in SonarQube after file changes

Hello everyone.

  • Community Edition - Version 7.9.1 (build 27448)

My client is having an issue where they will mark a specific issue as “won’t fix” and everything is fine, but the next time a change is made to the file in question (even if the change is made to a different method/function), the previous issue reappears in SonarQube as if the “won’t fix” tag has been removed from the issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Devon Britton.

Hi Devon,

Could you elaborate on

  • the size/scope/scale of the changes around the issue?
  • the rules involved?

At a guess, the old issues are being closed as fixed and new ones being opened because there are enough differences after the changes that the issues show up as new.


Hi Ann.

Thank you very much for your swift reply. I will revert with the requested information as soon as I get it.

Kind Regards,
Devon Britton.

My client has been unable to reproduce this issue for me so this can be closed.

Thank you.