Why SonarCloud forcing client to buy higher subscription due to payment issue?


We are facing a weird issue due to which SonarCloud subscription no accepting any Credit Card in payment method and for same we have opened support case.

Currently we have 500K lines subscription after many mails communication support wasn’t able to help much so we asked another option to do the payment.

In SonarCloud billing we can see another payment solution called Coupon

So when we asked sonarcloud support to give us coupon due to credit card bill payment not working then sonarcloud support guy reply us we need to buy 1ML line code subscription to get coupon.

Wow what kind of support is this they are not helping to resolve the credit cards issue and also forcing client to get higher line code subscription.

This worse level of support forcing us to shut down sonarcloud subscription.

Guys SonarCloud subscription is totally worse be careful with their support.


Hello @Atul_Chauhan1,

It seems that your bank(s) keeps rejecting the payments. We invite you again to get in touch with them to clear our payments.

As indicated, plans under 1M are only available with credit card payment.

The alternative to the credit card payment is to buy the 1M plan, with a yearly payment by bank wire transfer. We do not accept smaller subscriptions with this payment method.

Hope you can sort out you credit card issues.

Best regards,


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