Which Sonarscanner version is compatible with SonarQube 7.2.1?

Dear community,
Can anyone help me with the sonarscanner version which supports or is compatible with SonarQube v7.2.1 without any issues?
I know we are using quite an old version of SonarQube and that we should upgrade. However, we can’t prioritize the upgrade as of now and need to scan some webapps.

I see that the link to the Sonarscanner mentioned in the Sonarqube v7.2.1 documentation is dead now and does not work.
Link: Analyzing Source Code - SonarQube-7.2

Appreciate your responses. Thanks.

Hey there.

I believe all scanners, for better or worse, currently keep compatibility as far back as v6.7 LTS even with the latest version.

And, seriously, it’s time to upgrade :slight_smile: v7.2 was a mid-LTS cycle release four years ago. There’s way more value to get out of SonarQube now – you’re getting the best issue detection from… four years ago. :man_shrugging: