Where can I install older versions of Sonar Lint from?


I have installed the latest Sonar Lint (4.1.) in the latest Eclipse (4.12), but our server configuration is not compatible with the latest Sonar Lint plugin. I would like to find an archive of Sonar Lint drop-ins for Eclipse, to test which one is the latest compatible with our server.

Our server will most likely be updated, but that will take time, and until then I want to still have the on-the-fly reports.

Thank you!


You can find everything here:


Thank you! Not knowing which JARs to copy to the Eclipse/plugins folder, I just copied all of them, and it started working again :).

You should never copy JARs manually, this is the best way to mess up your Eclipse installation. Just configure Eclipse p2 to use the update site you like, and install from within Eclipse.

But if that worked for you, lucky you :wink: