When trying to open link to organization project permission is denied (firefox)

Used ALM is GitLab

Browser versions:

  • firefox 88.0
  • chrome 90.0

Steps to reproduce with firefox

  1. login into sonarcloud.io
  2. Get link to one project e.g. https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=company_repository
  3. open new tab in browser and open the page there


You will get redirected to login page with following error

You are not authorized to access this page. Please log in with more privileges and try again.


Use another browser

When using chrome this behavior is not shown

Use Navigation

When using navigation e.g Profile → Organization → Project the error does not occur

Open in same tab

When opening the link in the same tab where already a project of the organization is open the error does not occur

Never mind was an error in browser configuration. Sorry for inconvenience .

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